Submersible Motor Pump

submersible pumps in multi-stage construction with radial or mixed flow impellers coupled with oil or water filled, single/three phase submersible motors. pumps with ss jacket are also available up to 100 mm diameter. Suitable for horticulture, irrigation, housing, building services and farm house, ornamental fountains etc.

Technical Specifications

Pump Size DN 25 to 100 mm
Capacity Q up to 120 m3/hr
Head H up to 60 m
Motor Rating P up to 0.5 to 10 hp

Domestic Pump

Fire Fighting

Industrial Pump

Sewage Pump

Products of Submersible Pump

The 100 mm submersible pumpsets have unique features like long lasting Stainless Steel jacket and special thrust bearing arrangement impart amazing power with surprisingly low maintenance cost and low noise. The world renowned German technology promises more force for high-rise buildings, towers etc. A safe, simple and superior solution to water lifting requirements.

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This highly efficient range of 150 mm submersible pumpsets offers more savings and peace of mind with its low power consumption. Its sturdy body and advanced technology incur low maintenance cost and long life.

This is high efficiency with lower power consumption. Submersible Motor Pumpsets - 200+150 mm. Pump of 200 mm diameter + motor of 150 mm suitable for borewells of 200 mm & above.

KSB, a leading manufacturer of Pumps, Valves and Systems offers it’s clients the latest pumping technology through a variety of pumpsets designed for the future. KSB open well monobloc pumpsets “MONOSUB R” can be installed in the open wells and sumps. These pumpsets are made using sophisticated and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure top class performance of the pumps.

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