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Square Threads:
The Grip Design Of Square Threads gives a high tensile load capacity and for easy fitment and re-fitment.
Special Threading:
APPL employs specially imported CNC machines with special tools to ensure                                   perfect dimensions and good & easy fitment of threads.

‘O’ Ring
The ‘O’ring, sealant and griping system provides leak proof fitting and also absorbs the vibrations of the pump. Resulting in extended life of motor and pump bearings.

In this unique wirelock system developed by APPL, the coupler (1 1/2 & above) is fitted to the pipe and locked with special aluminium wire, thus eliminating the chances of coupler loosening & column slipping during dismantling process & also excessive tightening of coupler with pipe.

Biax Technology
This technique has been developed for the first time in India by APPL, wherein the PVC molecules get linearly & diametrically oriented during the process, resulting in higher impact strength.

Pump Guard
Technically designed pump guard ensures that the pump does not fall, which in turn saves the tubewell.