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Industrial Pumps >> KWP/APP – Non Clock Centrifugal Pump For Paper Industry

APP Process Pumps is a horizontal Single Stage single entry radially split volute casing pump of back pull our type design. The pump dimensions are in accordance with ISI 2858. Suitable to handle aggressive organic and inorganic and inorganic fluids in chemical and process industries like paper, cellulose, sugar, food, textile, drugs, pharmaceuticals, breweries and distilleries.


KWP/APP Pumps are used for continuous operation in process industries for pumping of clean abrasive/corrosive liquids and various stocks (upto8% consistency).

Technical specifications:

Pump Size DN 50 to 150 mm
Capacity Q up to 475m3/hr
Head H up to 105 m
Discharge Pressure P up to 16 bar
Speed N up to 2900 rpm
Temperature T -10°c to 180°C